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Basic Tips for Linux Beginners

Here are the basic tips on Linux (for the beginners):

Primary Requirements

♦    CPU

>For text mode->200 MHz

>For graphical mode->400 MHz

♦    RAM

>For text mode->64 MB

>For graphical mode->128 MB

♦    Hard Disk

>Personal edition-> 1.7 GB

>Server edition-> 800 MB

>Workstation edition-> 2.1 GB

>Custom edition-> 6 GB

linux tips for beginners

linux tips

Drive Information & Symbol

>hda means primary master (pm)

>hdb means primary slave (ps)

>hdc means secondary master (sm)

>hdd means secondary slave (ss)

[Drive C -> hda1  to  hda4; Drive D -> hda5  , Drive E -> hda6 …so on]

[ NTLDER-> Windows boot louder, GRUB & LILO-> Linux boot louder

Linux File System

1. /-> It is the parent of file system.

2. /bin-> Contains user command information in binary.

3. /sbin-> Contains administrator command information in binary.

4. /boot-> System booting information.*

5. /dev-> Special device files.

6. /etc-> Contains administrative configure files(like program files in windows).

7. /home-> Contains directory assigned to each user with a login accounts.*

8. /mnt-> Default  mount point.

9. /proc-> Provides a mechanism for the karnel to send information to processor.

10. /root-> Represent the root user home directory(root means admin).

11. /temp-> Contains tempory files.

12. /usr-> Contains user docouments such as games, graphical files.

13. /var-> Help files.