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Great Book to Learn Personal Finance

If you want to learn the rules of financial freedom then you must read the book ‘9 Steps to Financial Freedom’ written by Suze Orman. Here I will give over all review of this book.

Step-1: In the first step the author explained how your past experience effect future financial plan. Here she provides full roadmap and motivation to combine your past experience for a strong financial plan.

Step-2: In this step she advices to sort out any finance related fears based on your past memories. In here she also provides solution to overcome those fears.

Step-3: You must act honestly to gain financial freedom. Analyze your expenses of last two years and try to identify how you spent the money. It will help you a lot for future financial plan.

Step-4: You must take the responsibility and this is very vital step to gain financial freedom. In here the author discuss about estate planning, insurance, trusts and wills.

Step-5: You must be an organized person and should have enough respect to money. Otherwise you cannot achieve your goals. In here the author discuss about retirement plan, eliminating debt and many important facts.

Step-6: You must have strong trust and confidence over your decision. You cannot achieve financial freedom depending on others decisions except from experts.

Step-7: Money cannot always ensure happiness. You should do some charity works to live a lively and joyful life. The author has advised to search for happiness before financial freedom.

Step-8: We all know that failure is the pillar of success. We must learn lesson from the bad experience to get success in future.

Step-9: In the last step the author has advised to identify the true wealth. That is you must realize that money is never bigger then life.

All in all this is a great book to setup the personal financial plan.