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Secret Google Searching Tips

In Google, You can find the desired topics more quickly by applying special searching techniques. Here I am going to provide you some special and secret Google searching tips. These are following:

  1. By using ‘-’ sign
  2. By using “~” symbol
  3. By using number range
  4. By using file extension
  5. By using particular domain
Google searching tips

google searching technique

By Using ‘-’ Sign

In the Google Search box by using minus sign you can find some amazing results. For example if your looking to find cheap hotels in Paris, just enter “Hotels in Paris”-Cheap. It is magical, isn’t it?

By Using ‘~’ Symbol

Tilde symbol is also very useful searching option. You will find magical search results by using this symbol. For example, if you are looking to find best quality hotels in Paris just enter the “Hotels in Paris”~ Best Quality phrase in the search box.

By Using Number Range

Number range is also a magical search option. By using number ranges you can easily find your product within budget. For example if you are searching a digital camera with the budget range $200 to $300 just put “Digital Camera”$200…$300 in the search box.

By Using File Extension

This is great technique to find a particular file type like doc, xls or pdf files. For example you need a ledger of all your customers then search “Customer Ledger”filetype:xls and you will find customer ledger spreadsheet in excel format.

By Using Particular Domain

In every web site there is a search box to find the desired thing in that site. But you can also use Google search to do this. The format is like this: “phrase”site:site_name. For example if you are looking to find health related tips on this site just enter “health”site: in the Google search box.

I thing all this searching tips will help you a lot.