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Tips to Improve Sprinting

Sprinting is the most important thing in an athlete’s life. Most of the people think that sprinting is a natural thing and can’t be achievable which is completely wrong.  Though it is partially true that this is a natural thing but you can improve your sprinting skills by some practice. I am going to tell you some useful technique to improve your sprinting skills.

Most important thing to become faster is to learn how to use your feet. The only things are allowed to touch the ground are toes and the ball of your foot. If the heal touch the ground then surly you are loosing the speed. So you must keep in mind these important notes.

sprinting tips

Sprinting Tips

Some upper body parts can also effect to slow down your speed. Your shoulder muscles and neck should be relaxed and arms should be straight forward. Otherwise you are wasting the energy.

One of the most important things is breathing. Most of the people are breathing through mouth which is really very bad thing. You must breathe through your nose and look in front rather then look down. Never lay down after a run. Just take deep breathe and it will help your muscle to regain the strength quickly.

These are some simple tricks but very effective. Try it and definitely you will see the result.