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Css to Change Color of Active Language Custom Menu in qTranslate-X

You might want to check Solution for Custom Menu Auto Converted Error in qTranslate-X first. We have added custom language URL by using qTranslate-X plugin. But now we want to change color of active language without ading any new CSS ID or Class.Lets see how we did it.


And this is how we did it:


Where there are 2 unique class .menu-item-30861 and .menu-item-30860 and we identify the language with this lang() property.

Solution for Custom Menu Auto Coverted Error in qTranslate-X

Recently We have used WordPress plugin qTranslate-X to make one of our client’s site multilingual. We added the language English and Greek language URL manually. But it was automatically converrting to current language URL even though the URL was set manually. Here is ehe exclusive Solution for Custom Menu Auto Coverted Error in qTranslate-X:


The solution is actually stated in their FAQ section:


And here is how we set the 2 language URL in menu:


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