Shoot Crappy Video (on purpose) with New VHS Camcorder App

Your throwback Thursday videos are about to get a whole lot more legit.

A new app called VHS Camcorder almost perfectly recreates the experience of shooting video with old school cameras ā€” crappy video and all.

The $3.99 iPhone app was created by Rarevision, a Los Angeles-based post-production software company that says VHS Camcorder was designed to “look and sound like videotape recordings that have been in storage for 30 years.”

While it sounds like a gimmick, the company appears to have put a surprising amount of thought into this premise. To start, the app not only degrades the video quality, but also the audio ā€” with a good amount of staticky hiss backing each clip.


VHS Camcorder also, hilariously, has a “tilting device makes things worse” feature so the more you move your device while recording, the worse the video gets. You can also drag your finger around the frame while recording to achieve a similar grainy effect.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a true camcorder-style video without an obnoxious date stamp. The app even adds the extra touch of customizing the date that appears, so you can go even further at pretending your shaky iPhone video is from the 80s and 90s.

All the videos you shoot within the app are shareable to other platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Vine, though there’s no vertical video in the app, so videos likely won’t translate well to Vine or Instagram. There’s even a widescreen option, which, let’s be honest, you probably shouldn’t even think about using.

Despite the intentionally bad quality, VHS Camcorder has managed to earn a 5-star rating from users for its nostalgic take on video. Rarevision promises an Android version is on the way, but hasn’t given a timeframe for when it might be available.


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