Vine Search is Going to Get a Whole Lot Better

Search in the Vine app has long been a rather dissatisfying experience. You have two relatively bad choices to view results: Those who use Vine (handles, pretty much) and the tags on Vines. It makes discovery, something parent company Twitter now excels at, virtually impossible. You often could only find new Viners through a revine from someone you already followed.

In a new update dropping in the iOS App Store over the next few weeks (and Android soon after that), Vine will introduce searching for six-second videos using keywords, phrases and even hashtags that will actually reveal Vine posts instead of just linked Vine user handles and related tags.

The social video platform, which announced the update in a brief blog post on Tuesday, is also adding a pair of new feeds: top posts and recent posts. Both are actually filter views for the updated search so you can perform more efficient searches in Vine and then view the most popular results for that query (or the most recent six-second bits).

Vine has been quite busy. The company announced Monday that it would bring its six-second videos to the hottest new wearable on the market: the Apple Watch. We saw a brief demonstration during Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco — so yes, you’ll soon be able to watch people do stupidly hilarious things on your wrist. Just don’t expect this search feature to show up there.


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