Mountain Climbing Tips for Beginner

Mountain climbing is one of the most adventurous sports. But it is risky too and you need to practice prepare very strong before deciding for mountain climbing. Here I will share my knowledge on how to prepare for a safe climbing.


First thing you need to follow is to admit into a climbing club. You can easily find out lots of climbing club. You will learn the basic tips and tricks of mountain climbing. You can share your knowledge with others and will be able to learn new things. You can also practice with a professional in real climbing environment.


ice mountain climbing

Mountain Climbing

Choosing the best equipment is the next important thing. In this case you must take help from a professional. He will not only help you to choose the right equipment but also choose the right area for climbing for the beginners.


Mountain Climbing

Mountain Climbing

You must concern about your safety at first. You have to carry all the necessary equipments while you are climbing like knife, axe, jackets for cold weather etc. You need to exercise daily and follow some basic exercise rules for climbers. Try to run at least 1 KM with your new boot. It will help you to adjust with the new shoes.


rock climbing

Rock Climbing

At the beginning of your training you might feel it boring but as time goes on you will surly have some unbelievable adventure.



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